Terms And Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions that apply to accessing this website:

The Council allows the right to download internet pages from websites owned or managed by the Council, provided that any third party downloading information or data from those sites complies with the following conditions:

  • accepts full responsibility for the utilisation of the information or data that was downloaded and acknowledges and agrees that neither Kobalt Computers nor any of its employees, agents, members, or appointed representatives are responsible or liable for any claim loss or damage that may result from the utilisation of the information or data.
  • accepts that moving beyond the home page of any of the council’s websites automatically constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • acknowledges that the use of the information and data included on these website pages is done so at your own risk, and accepts that this is the case.
    accepts responsibility for ensuring, by means of independent verification, that the information is accurate and comprehensive.
  • the use of automated language translation services for the purpose of translating material that may be accessed on council websites is acknowledged to be done at the sole discretion and risk of the individual using the information.
  • agrees not to use the data or information for monetary or commercial gain or for promoting activities that are not agreed upon by express written permission from a senior officer of the council. Also agrees not to use the data or information to promote activities that are not agreed upon by the senior officer.
  • while using any website, has full responsibility for individually checking for and dealing with any software viruses, dangerous programmes, or actions, and accepts this duty.


On the website of the Kobalt Computers Material Service, you will only be able to find information that has been examined by the council and given its approval before being made public.

Unless otherwise specified, the council maintains all of its legal rights and privileges in relation to any published items that can be accessed on these websites.

Copyright law protects the websites that are owned and administered by Kobalt Computers. The council either owns the copyright in its entirety or a significant portion of it. You are only permitted to download the material for the purposes of conducting personal study, reference, or information.

Any third party may download, distribute, and/or modify any material or data found on council websites for their own local use; however, it is required that this copyright be preserved and affixed to any data that is downloaded. Without the prior written agreement of a senior official of the council, you are strictly forbidden from engaging in any other kind of document dissemination, including the distribution of copies of the document or any version of it that has been altered.

It is strictly forbidden to use any logo, graphics, graphical device, or photograph that has been downloaded from one of the council’s websites and then used in any form or medium without first obtaining the explicit consent of the council in writing.

The council does not provide authorization for any use whatsoever for any information or data for which the council does not own the copyright, with the exception of the local display of the information or data on the screen of the equipment used for downloading it.