Breed Overview – All About Ragdoll Cats


Ragdolls are arguably just one of the most attractive of all cat breeds. With their lengthy coat, unique markings and bright blue eyes it is no ponder that they are a person of the most sought right after pedigree cats. Irrespective of their identify, there is very little raggedly or inelegant about this breed at all. In truth, their name comes from the actuality that the breed has a inclination to go limp and stay totally comfortable when picked up.

The heritage of the 1st Ragdoll cats is considerably bizarre. They were being bred by a breeder named Ann Baker, in California in the 1960’s who thought that her cat had been altered genetically when hospitalized right after a automobile incident. Right after coming home from treatment, she claimed that the extended haired white cat, named Josephine, now went limp when getting lifted. Whilst this could have been a aspect result of the accident, her up coming litter of kittens all exhibited the exact same trait, causing Baker to believe that Josephine’s genes experienced been altered. She set about breeding Josephine with males that showed distinct and eye-catching markings, and the Ragdoll breed was designed.

Whilst recognizable by their distinct markings when absolutely developed, Ragdoll kittens are born fully white and it can acquire up to three years for them to achieve maturity and their coats to totally develop markings. For this purpose if you are acquiring a Ragdoll kitten it is really essential to double look at all paperwork that can verify the kitten’s pedigree, in particular if you are preparing to show the cat.

A Ragdoll cat’s hair is particularly smooth and downy, and is frequently said to be far more like a rabbit’s than a cat’s. Not like several other breeds, Ragdolls are not inclined to too much shedding, and certainly may perhaps shed less than limited haired cats. Yet another characteristic of this outstanding breed is that their coat does not have to have as significantly brushing or grooming as other long haired breeds. Working a extensive toothed comb or brush by means of your Ragdoll cat’s coat after a week is normally enough to take out lifeless hair and smooth out any tangle. Do, nevertheless shell out certain notice to your cat’s armpit region, as this is a single place exactly where matting can take place.

Ragdoll cats are usually white with some colored shading toward the extremities these types of as the ears, tail and paws. These markings are equivalent to individuals of a Siamese. There are a few standard types of markings discovered within just the Ragdoll breed: pointed, bicolour and mitted. All of these colourings are satisfactory at reveals, as prolonged as they healthy inside of the prerequisites for each pattern of markings. Pointed Ragdoll cats have colourings that closely resemble a Siamese, with their whole coat getting a single colour and darkening out in direction of the strategies of the ears and tail. Bicolour Ragdoll cats have the same shading, but with a distinctive inverted V of white on their confront, and with a white upper body, belly and legs. Mitted Ragdolls have colouration similar to pointed, but will have to have a white upper body and abdomen, as properly as white paws, or “socks”.

A different trait that the Ragdoll shares with a Siamese cat is mild eyes. Although the most appealing colour is blue, it is not uncommon for Ragdoll cats to have light eco-friendly eyes.

When it comes to sizing, Ragdolls are a single of the biggest breeds of cats. Entirely grown male cats can weigh up to 10 kilograms (1.5 stone, or 20 lbs) with woman cats being somewhat lighter. They are strong cats with robust bones, having said that their sort, open up attributes and shaggy coat soften their total visual appeal.

As properly as needing very little grooming and getting straightforward to take care of, a further element which will make these stunning cats a terrific family pet is their temperament. Ragdoll cats are mild giants, and are likely to be straightforward-heading, placid, tranquil and quiet cats. They are also highly affectionate and appreciate investing time with their owners. They make good pets for family members with children, and are likely to get on with other animals also. Their magnificence and allure are confident to win the hearts of any lucky operator.