The 3 Secret Powers of the Mind For Success and Happiness


With the rapid changes happening in our environment, we are constantly finding new ways to cope and improve our lives. Coping with changes and improving ourselves to remain fit at our jobs, family etc are increasingly important tasks that we have to perform daily. Shuttle Mediation

And there are a myriad of books, seminars and courses today to help develop and improve ourselves, yet many of us just tend to overlook that every improvement always begin from our minds. For every change to happen in your external world, it first has to begin in your internal world – the mind.

In this short article, you will be looking at the 3 secret powers of the mind for success, wealth and happiness to improve the overall quality of your life easily.

1. The Power of the Universal Mind

We are all part of a greater Consciousness. Many greater thinkers of modern times refer to this Consciousness as the Universal Mind. For others, they call this consciousness the Almighty or God. Whatever we call it, we are all created as part of the greater whole. It means that we are also able to connect to the Universal Mind and tap its infinite wisdom. This power is accessible to all of us without any exceptions. All that is required from us is to adapt our way of thinking to be in harmony with Universal Mind. This will allow our thoughts to be manifested into reality with the power of the Universal Mind.

2. The Power of the Conscious Mind

The Conscious mind is a mechanism which we use to direct and focus our attention from an array of thoughts and emotions. This is the objective part of the mind which decides what is true or false and what is fact and myth. Without mastery over our conscious mind, it is like wielding a tool without any direction or purpose. Imagine driving a car with no destination in mind. The road to nowhere is a long road. Take note that the conscious mind is also the part of our mind which we can claim as being “us”, our individuality. This is the part of our mind which defines us in this reality.

3. The Power of the Alpha Mind

Scientific research has shown that our Mind works on several different state of consciousness. During these differing states of consciousness, the Mind gives out different levels of electrical waves. The Alpha state of Mind is the stage where these electrical waves correspond from 8HZ to 13Hz. This is also when the Mind is relaxed and is in a neutral state. During this state, our Mind is easily susceptible to Affirmations and Visualization. Thus if you wish to train your Mind to harness the Power of Thoughts, it is best to do so when your Mind is in the Alpha state.

Tapping to the powers of the mind can be easily done just by following simple exercises. Creative visualization is one such exercise that is practiced to align your mind more firmly to your goals to get you to reach them quicker and easier. So instead of pursuing the next fancy personal development tool today, spend the next 5 minutes to tap into your subconscious mind powers with creative visualization.