Relish in Your Ancestry – They Did Everything to Improve Your Lineage

Relish in your ancestry, family and relatives. They came before you to improve and shape your life by their unique way of living, working and by their faith.

You are unique, exquisitely and wonderfully designed by lineage; heritage, language; and in how you demonstrate your faith. Your physical attributes; the very elements comprising your DNA; eyes of teal blue, smoky gray, forest green, honey brown, ALL of you is fabulous and brilliantly beautiful; making your visions and dreams youthful, bountiful, unusual and uniquely your own possession.

Realize the significant impact that your ancestry and relatives added to your current ideology, cultural habits, down to the food that you crave, or find most appealing. Our taste buds are a direct distinction of years, through generations of family cooking styles, cultural cooking habits and foods native, or commonly found throughout geographical movement, by our ancestors, traveling and finally settling in their area of choosing, the area of where they settled the longest. Our ancestry is our primary connection, in our lives, coming full circle, arriving to where we are today.

RELISH IN YOUR ANCESTRY; THEY DID EVERYTHING TO MAKE A BETTER LIFE FOR YOU. Understand that their struggles, travels, lessons, pains and successes were not lived in vain, they wanted a better life for their own posterity, even taking austerity measures to make sure that they left an abundance of intelligence, resources and cherished belongings, and by sharing their experiences, for me and you to live a better life than they themselves lived.

You are exclusively defined and uncompromisingly equipped, able to maintain your status; born to excel to the next level of your goals and life-purpose with ease. Learn or educate yourself in the skill, art or craft to please yourself; enjoy it as a game with all spoils of the victor belonging to you! Please your ancestors with your existence on earth; your ancestors, now in Heaven, are very proud of you!

Don’t ever cease being true to yourself, follow through with the actions that you plan to expand your knowledge, gain understanding and reap abundance. Keep your eye on the prize; expecting the unexpected; reaping respect, with fortitude and increase that naturally occurs with a prize-fighting attitude. Make your ancestors and living family proud of how you recover from setbacks. Be cognizant in the knowledge that your ancestors struggles served a purpose- to make your struggles less aggressive or easier to overcome.

You are a product of your ancestors, whom sought a more powerful, fortuitous existence; doing what was tried-and true to prevent their extinction. Sometimes even more, by going beyond their apprehensions, enforcing and guaranteeing your survival; thriving with a desire to circumvent your disappearance; planing for their posterity, climbing mountains and valleys, and even battling their inner demons.

All this to show love to you; a love that you would never witness. So strong this love: it came directly to you from people, that you never even knew. They loved knowing the thought of you as their ancestor.

Your ancestors set a trend with no end; you have no right to break the chain that links you to them; for them, you are already a winner; you came after them; if they could see you, they would marvel at your countenance, your phenomenal regal, extra-ordinary Internet-dependent existence.

Asking neither for appreciation or recognition; your ancestors make a solid request of you: Do the same for your posterity- work hard and in live a peaceful life, conduct yourself in honesty, leave your children a legacy that they can be proud to claim!

Understand that you are truly and highly loved; AND were loved even before you came into existence. Show homage to those ancestors who were born, before you, with their sole purpose: to prepare a road map for you; to ordain a greater more meaningful existence than were able to manifest on their own life journey. Relish in your ancestry as they would appreciate knowing that you are leaving a legacy behind for your children like they left behind for your parents and you.

In your life journey, carry on family talent, skill and uniqueness with pride; make your ancestors proud of your faith, work-ethic and life choices. Make it a point to put paper to pen and learn many significant details about your ancestors, by researching family names, records,geographical areas, and accomplishments. Construct or complete your family tree- leave a legacy of people, places and events for children, grandchildren, relatives and friends, you’ll be glad you did and your ancestors will be even prouder!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!