How Stay-At-Home Moms Earn Money at Home

In today’s recession situation, families with stay-at-home mom who take care their children while the husband is the sole income earner will have a great pressure to ensure their family income not being affected by the bad economy. Can the stay-at-home moms do something to help their family’s income while continuing their responsibility at home?

What can the moms do at home to make money? Moms can find jobs that offered to be done at home. There are factories or companies that offer work to be done at home, but in today’s bad economy situation, less opportunity can be found now. What if moms sell something such as homemade cake, cookies & etc from their moms? They will need to invest much money in packaging, advertising and delivery of their products to end users. Moreover, they need to build up their business network which is no easy to be done by a stay-at-home mom. Then, what are the easiest ways for moms to earn money at home?

Internet is the best place for moms to work at home. There are many make money options at internet that stay-at-home moms can choose to make money online and help their family’s income. Here are 3 common ways that preferred most stay-at-home moms:

1. Blogging

Moms can make money by sharing their experiences, opinions and any things that may be interested by other moms through blogging. There are ready-made blog platforms such as and WordPress which stay-at-home moms can use to get their first step into blogging.

Then, how to make money from blog? Well, if your blog contents draw the interest of other internet users, then making money from it is just another step away. There are many ways to make money by blogging. The major two are:

a) Google AdSense – You just need to create a Google AdSense account and put the code into your blog and the related Google Ads will appear at your website within minutes. Every time, when you visitors click on the Google Ads, money will go into your Google account.

b) Affiliate Marketing – You could also promote products from merchants and earn commission on each successful sale. Look around internet for affiliate marketing programs offered by merchants. Then, select affiliate products that are related to your blog, once you register an affiliate account, you will be given an affiliate link which you can promote the product at your blog through this unique affiliate link. Every successful transaction made through your link, you earn a commission.

2. Online Survey Jobs

For those stay-at-home moms who do not like to sell online or maintaining their blogs, then another way to make money online is performing online surveys jobs. There are many companies looking for opinions on their products or services, they wiling to pay for people who can spend time to answer their questionnaires. Moms are among the important targeted survey groups by those companies. Hence, stay-at-home moms can use this opportunities to make some money by providing their opinions through online survey jobs.

3. eBay Selling with Dropshipping

eBay is another online platform for stay-at-home moms to earn an income through eBay auction selling. Moms can choose to list their own products to be auctioned or to be sold at eBay online store, but a better option would be through dropshipping. By selling products from dropshippers, moms do not need to worry about the product delivery and the backend / customer support because it will be taken care by dropshippers. Stay-at-home moms could make money from the different of their selling price at their eBay online store after deducting the dropshipping wholesale price. In additional, by selling with dropshipping, moms do not need to buy in bulk or stock products which will incur up front cost, enabling them to start the online business with the minimum investment.


Stay-at-home moms can do something to help their family’s income during the recession. Internet is the best place for moms to make money while continuing their family obligations at home.