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Kobalt Computers

Through the utilisation of talk-based Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) and play-based Theraplay® methodologies, we provide assistance to families in the process of developing, rebuilding, and repairing relationships.
These strategies are effective because they teach children and their parents or other caregivers to interact and connect with one another in ways that are enjoyable, playful, and significant.

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Kobalt computers have assisted several families.

Families concerned about their children's emotional and/or behavioural health

Families undergoing a significant shift in their lives, such as sickness, divorce, or death

Fostering and adoptive families seeking assistance in establishing new bonds

Families in need of assistance for children with special needs, such as autism or ADHD, or impairments

Families that wish to strengthen their bonds and become more connected parents

Hear from happy parents

My 6-year-old kid liked the session. As soon as we left the room, he thanked his mother for playing. School has already seen that he has increased his social connections. Tomorrow at assembly, he will get the class merit for reaching the top of the zone board.

Parent of a kid diagnosed with ASD

“After enduring some extremely dark and painful times, Beacon Family Services was recommended to us. Initially, it required a leap of faith to comprehend the relationship between play therapy and advancement, but after a few sessions, we began to observe genuine development. Now it gives us with a fresh and effective set of tools to deal with the few remaining challenging moments.”


Our daughter benefited greatly from Theraplay®. She adored Jules and the lessons, and her confidence has increased substantially. We have altered our relationship with her, and as a result, things are lot better for our family.”


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